Thursday, February 3, 2011

Artist Statement

My Identity: I am a mixed media artist. I work in any medium that captures my interest and accomplishes my need.

My process:  I begin with a thought, an image, a found object, something overheard or read or sometimes an emotional state.  Relationships appear out of random happenstance or deliberation. I rely on serendipity and coincidence as much as cognitive consideration. Chance, choice, process and assimilation eventually makes a connection and the piece resolves itself.

My medium:Although I never rule out any media I am currently infatuated with wax, it is luxurious and sensuous, it melts, melds and creates a membrane for my work. It is indeed the tissue that holds the mirad of stuff that is my work. It is like skin.

My work: I am involved constantly in making my own materials. I buy raw materials and create encaustic medium and encaustic paint. I use my medium and pigments in my work and workshops. I teach foundation classes in an academic setting and mixed media and encaustic workshops in my studio.

My Thoughts:   As I work, juxtapositions that seem to randomly happen give reason to the vast disconnection I feel in everyday life and help my efforts to organize the noisy bombardment of stimuli.
I listen, observe seek our and make connections. I draw, paint,and collect and combine , I read and write.  My muse is an unconscious intiution and my decisions are an eternal surprise.
The work itself creates and re-creates who I am and who I become. It contains my life and speaks of my experience. My art is a construction of self.

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