Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CIRCLE snail mail Nov 5!!

Very soon we will be celebrating the work of the last year as CIRCLE, Community for Inspired Realization of Creative Life Experience. Work is coming in daily with the deadline fast approaching. If you still have a mail art piece that youve been meaning to get to or to get mailed come on, get it to the post office!! Cant wait to see all the work up. Join us at the First Friday Art Walk Nov 5th opening reception to be held at the CIRCLE snail mail exhibit at Butterfield Too Art Gallery, 137 King St. , St. Augustine.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nice layout on Imagination Squared now on exhibit at MOCA, Jacksonville in Arbus, Jacksonville's local magazine on cultural events in the community

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lovers, Mothers, Sisters, Others

I am pleased to be included along with 35 other Keys inspired women artists, in this exhibit, Lovers, Mothers, Sisters, Others,  to be held in conjunction with Woman Fest in Key West at The Studios of Key West, http://www.tskw.org/ Sept 3-30, Opening reception September 7th , from 3:00-5:00 pm.
I am pleased to announce I will be one of thirty five artists chosen for the"Small Works" show at Boltax Gallery, Shelter Island, NY.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Imagination Squared,

Imagination Squared, opening on September 1, in Jacksonville
Article in the FLorida Times Union, see blog Thursday, July 22, 2010


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Circular space: Circular Space Installation

Announcing the first CIRCLE art exhibition, a snail mail project that has been accumulating for the past year. It will be installed  as a site specific exhibition called, Circular Space at Butterfield Too Art Gallery in St. Augustine, Florida in November, 2010. We will host a reception on November 5,2010. Snail Mail pieces can be entered until  October 28. For more information or details on the show, the organization or mail art go to any of the following sites:
Circular space: Circular Space Installation
http://www.facebook.circle/ group

If you have questions please contact me at katepmiller@gmail.com

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My thoughts on ,"Out of Orbit"

  This piece is a triptych,  the  small dark square in the left corner, is painted with "black" encaustic created by the mix of Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna.  The lower left is Burnt Sienna with mixes of encaustic medium and Umber. The right side is created from colors  mixed only from Umber, Cobalt, Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna and Titanium buff encaustic.  The "orbit" lines are  inscribed and then filled with Oil pigment sticks in Ultramarine, Cobalt and Burnt SiennaThe band that separates the colors is about 1.5" encaustic medium .  The inside edges of the three pieces are  painted with Cobalt blue that can be glimpsed as one walks by bwithin the slight separation of the pieces. The piece measures a total of 30"x 48" x 2"

My thoughts on its content:

 By default or by intention I am the center of my universe. Like a planet I rotate slowly on an axis, that I imagine to be my stability, my ego, my self. This axis is still steady but it does not stand straight and tall and, like the Eiffel tower, its slant increases with the passing of time.
Around me there is constant circling movement;  relationships , ideas, dreams, desires; all  that I have ever thought of, longed for, or  hold dear is an entity in my galaxy and has its own orbit.
Randomly mixed among these brightly colored and lit orbs are other globes that exist only in the shadows.  They are there to remind me of embarrassments and failures, my darkest thoughts and losses, my secrets of haunting shame.  There they remain, my fears and dreaded imaginings, nightmares or real events, pain I have felt or inflicted; needs  that remain unmet or have left me disappointed.
These  globes of the night, also orbit,waiting to inflict their specialties of guilt, anger or anguish and though I avoid making contact they are as essential to my life as my joy, for what is pain but validation of life?
Together the orbiting globes of light and darkness combine to create the chance of a reality that creates my identity, my self. All that I am depends on the possibility of reaching out and finding these global entities still spinning within my gravitational grasp.

All of this is immensely tenuous, a tedious and volatile arrangement of pulsing energyin the time and space I inhabit.Unsteady balance is achieved by continual motion and unrelenting tension that remains in check only by the mutual push and pull of ecstasy and despair.

As I age I am aware that the axis is slipping, its slant is becoming too severe, the angle altered and the hard metal showing signs of rust, not unlike the pigmented spots I find now on my arms. The metalic pole itself  is beginning to show little bends and curves where once it was steely and straight, strong and dependable.  The change of this slant manifests into an embarrassing self concious angst and I know  that in spite vain or noble efforts, reversal is impossible.
The orbits too are stressed, their necessary tension giving in to stretch. Like an overused rubber band, they veer away from my outreached hand, becoming ever more ellipsed from their circular spin.I can only watch as their wobble increases, their elasticity loosening more and more like a worn out pair of gym shorts.

As I watch the increasing elipses, I am aware that I am in jeopardy of losing my center.  Like a clay pot on a spinning wheel, it must stay intact or risk collapsing into self destruction or flying off into oblivion.

At times in the night as I lie safely in my bed, panic posseses me and I grasp desperately to the farthest ends of my outstretched fingertips ,   hoping to connect with a circling orb that will give me the reassurance. Again I will remember myself and be able to sleep with that familliarity.

 As I enter the later stages of mid life I bravely continue, standing in the center trying valiantly to keep all the orbits in flight.  Like an old woman with  multiple hula hoops balancing on hips that have lost their shape, I seek the easy whirling rhythmn that I remember. The essential tension of confidence and snap loses tautness, everything begins to sag and fall.

Eventually  all that is me will break away and go soaring  into a youthful ,more confident universe still full of mass and sure of its own importance. My axis will quietly, or perhaps with a screaming screech, simply come to a halt.
With the finality of nothing to hold me up,  I will simply dissipate and silently fade into gray memory
... a used up star.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


CIRCLE- Community for the Inspired Realization of Creative Life Experience.

As founder of the online community called CIRCLE I have been very neglegent. I began this creative experiment a year ago with plans to grow into a Non-profit organization.
Our project was a Mail art project. It had been my intention to collect as  many mail art pieces as possible and then pursue exhibition venues. Many of you were exhuberant and participated enthusiastically. I thank you for that.
In the meantime life got in my way or maybe I just wasnt good at planning but nothing happened with all of your good work and my good intentions for a long time.
I am happy to announce that I have scheduled an exhibit of CIRCLE Snail Mail Art for November, 2010 at Butterfield Too Art Gallery in St. Augustine. It is a wonderful, highly visited and popular gallery in North Florida. We will  have an opening that coincides with the local "First Friday" gallery event and brings out many art lovers and other interested people.
I will send an exhibition agreement to all of you who have already sent in work. The Mail art will all e displayed in a way that both artists' (originator and collaborator) work can be seen.
The cost of showing in the CIRCLE Snail Mail Installation at Butterfield Too is $5 per artist per piece, with the exception of approved "starters "  who have originated and returned the minimum 6 pieces to CIRCLE. you are interested in being a "starter" please contact me. Starters orignate and sucessfully enter a minimum of six snail mail art pieces with collaborating artists who have agreed and fullfill that agreement to work with them. With the sucessful entry of six pieces, the starter CIRCLE fees $2.50 per piece is waived. Starters are still responsible for paying the Butterfield Too Art Gallery venue entry fee of $2.50.
I extend my apologies to all of you who participated a year ago,  expecting to be shown in NY state this fall.  I hope to be able to urge you back into participation and promise to work diligently to make this show a wonderful success. I am also in the process of proposal of this installation to further venues following the Butterfield Too exhibition.
The idea of creating a catalogue of select pieces is also being explored and will be made if funding allows.
If you thought about doing a piece of Snail Mail art but didnt get around to it, you still have plenty of time. Go to our blogspot to check out the procedure or email me at katepmiller@gmail.com

Friday, July 23, 2010

Starn Twins Exhibit at the Met

Check this out, the Big Bambu, on the rooftop at the Met in NY. Amazing, this pic is taken from the roof, no pictures were allowed when we took the tour that took us 30 feet above the rooftop of the Metropolitan museum of Art in NYC. I was looking down at  Central Park, It was quite amazing, wonderful.
It was an amazing experience and such a beautiful day to be up inside the structure looking down on NYC.

"The Starn Twins on the Met Roof Garden: Big Bambu DetailsDoug and Mike Starn: Big Bambu, will be on view until October 31, 2010, weather permitting. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is open Tuesday through Thursday, and Sunday, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and on Friday and Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The museum is located on Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street. As always, the price of admission to the Met is "suggested." For complete information about the Met, please visit the Met for more information on the Starn Twins installation. "

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Imagination Squared

I am pleased to have my "square" included on the Imagination Sqared Grid to be exhibited at MOCA in Jacksonville, opening Sept 1.
To read about this project or become involved yourself, go to http://www.imaginationsquared.com/. Very exciting!!

Oil Pigment Sticks with Charles Forsberg

 "Charles frequently returns to drawing, forcefully striking marks into the heavily manipulated buttery paint, then tearing it apart, alternating in a push-pull sequence of drawing and smearing, scraping back, revealing previous drawing marks, and piling what he has scraped up into thick sculptural mounds.   It is an amazing and unceasing gestural exercise over many hours, as Forsberg turns the formless ooze he started with into a powerful structure of shapes and sharply accented marks.
Anyone attending Forsberg’s Pigment Stick workshop on August 10-12 will experience the thrill of sharing his method of working paint with utter abandon and confident control. " http://www.rfpaints.com/

I am pleased to be awarded a scholarship grant to attend the Charles Forsberg Pigment Stick workshop on August 10-12 at R & F Handmade Paints in Kingston, N.Y. I love the richness and abandon of this work, cant wait to get my hands into it!