Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I am obsessed with line, the most basic element of art, a mark made by human assertion, an indication of the   self awareness. We seek its definitive absolution, its calming assurance that there is something to be done with this condition we find ourselves in.. We can make a mark, we can leave a mark.and in so doing we stay alive.
The line then essentially encompasses everything we know with any clarity, simply because we can make a line. That line then can become anything, from the most simple self mark to our most treasured sophisticated symbols of human communication, of math, science,language.
As an artist I have always been in love with the line. I began making art by drawing, the act of making lines to suggest images or shapes.
Lately my obsession  seeks the reassurance of the ultimate line, the horizon line.The one line that remains a a mystery, distant, an unreachable illusion, yet constant,  there to offer its its dependable stillness.
Like a voyager on a stormy sea I look to the horizon, seeking its serenity to calm my life's anxiety.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kate Miller in MOCA, UNF Faculty exhibit

Kate Miller is pleased to participate in the Museum of Contemprary Art, MOCA, UNF faculty Art and Design Exhibition. Go to :  http://www.mocajacksonville.org/current/10-UNF-faculty