Saturday, July 24, 2010


CIRCLE- Community for the Inspired Realization of Creative Life Experience.

As founder of the online community called CIRCLE I have been very neglegent. I began this creative experiment a year ago with plans to grow into a Non-profit organization.
Our project was a Mail art project. It had been my intention to collect as  many mail art pieces as possible and then pursue exhibition venues. Many of you were exhuberant and participated enthusiastically. I thank you for that.
In the meantime life got in my way or maybe I just wasnt good at planning but nothing happened with all of your good work and my good intentions for a long time.
I am happy to announce that I have scheduled an exhibit of CIRCLE Snail Mail Art for November, 2010 at Butterfield Too Art Gallery in St. Augustine. It is a wonderful, highly visited and popular gallery in North Florida. We will  have an opening that coincides with the local "First Friday" gallery event and brings out many art lovers and other interested people.
I will send an exhibition agreement to all of you who have already sent in work. The Mail art will all e displayed in a way that both artists' (originator and collaborator) work can be seen.
The cost of showing in the CIRCLE Snail Mail Installation at Butterfield Too is $5 per artist per piece, with the exception of approved "starters "  who have originated and returned the minimum 6 pieces to CIRCLE. you are interested in being a "starter" please contact me. Starters orignate and sucessfully enter a minimum of six snail mail art pieces with collaborating artists who have agreed and fullfill that agreement to work with them. With the sucessful entry of six pieces, the starter CIRCLE fees $2.50 per piece is waived. Starters are still responsible for paying the Butterfield Too Art Gallery venue entry fee of $2.50.
I extend my apologies to all of you who participated a year ago,  expecting to be shown in NY state this fall.  I hope to be able to urge you back into participation and promise to work diligently to make this show a wonderful success. I am also in the process of proposal of this installation to further venues following the Butterfield Too exhibition.
The idea of creating a catalogue of select pieces is also being explored and will be made if funding allows.
If you thought about doing a piece of Snail Mail art but didnt get around to it, you still have plenty of time. Go to our blogspot to check out the procedure or email me at

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